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A&W - Fast Food - 1205 Merrill Ave., Wausau

Customer Reviews  

  • "AWESOME MAN! You've got a gift and call and the body of Christ will grow through what God gives you. You're a trmupet match, one called to sound something that people can rally around. So glad Thomas Nelson sees it to. Ps. 45:1. I know you are ready for this. Blessings bud, @NathanCamp" - DYKU2iPyPSs - sY5dCVtp6/TWZAIfok2jb/fHiila8Xe
    Ambiance=NA  Food=NA  Price=NA  Service=Poor  OVERALL VALUE=NA

  • "I believe that if A & W did not have their fabluous root beer on tap they would slowly disappear. Sorry, I just am not a fan. The burgers are bland tasting, chewy and lack a beefy flavor. Anything fried is usually overly oily and undercooked. This is fast food at it's most ordinary. Close your eyes and I bet you wouldn't know where you were eating, until you took sip from your straw. Bingo!" - W.B. - 10/25/2008
    Ambiance=Fair  Food=Fair  Price=Great  Service=Good  OVERALL VALUE=Fair

  • "I really love their hamburgers and their soda pop is good, too. We go there every once and awhile and you only have to pay $2 to $4 for a hamburger. I think it smells like french fries not a dirty mop." - L.B. (8 yo) - //
    Ambiance=NA  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "I would have to agree with the first comment (staff review). YUK.. I was there about 3 years ago for the first and last time, and noticed tables were not wiped down, it smelled dirty when you first walked in...similar to a dirty mop. I would rather go to my local convenience store and buy Point root beer and pour it in a frosty mug at home. Nearly the same thing." - J.W. - //
    Ambiance=NA  Food=NA  Price=NA  Service=NA  OVERALL VALUE=NA

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