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6th St. Filling Station - Family Dining - 1314 N. 6th St., Wausau

Customer Reviews  

  • "Very friendly waiters and awesome food!" - L.B - 5/7/2010
    Ambiance=Good  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=NA

  • "It's been awhile since I was last here...and I'm sorry I waiting so long. Now I've been here twice in two weeks and both times had great meals...I came here for lunch. Everything tastes homemade. The breads and soups are all freshly made. Daily specials include breakfast, lunch and dinners selections and are new and inventive. If you can get past all the car tires, this is a great place to eat!" - W.B. - 01/28/2010
    Ambiance=Good  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "Best restaurant ever! Great food, great service, great everything! everyone should come eat here!" - L.B. - 01/29/2010
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "The next time you visit a restaurant, make it The Galley Cafe. I'm serious. It's about time Wausau got a restaurant where a normal person, wearing normal clothes, can walk in, pay a normal price, and get spectacular food with outstanding service. The people there are so friendly and down-to-earth; and it's refreshing to find a place where the chef actually cares whether or not you enjoy your meal. I just can't say enough good things about this place. I'm telling all my friends..." - J.M. - 01/16/2009
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Great  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "New owner. New menu. And, a love for fresh homemade food. The new 6th Street Filling Station is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a wonderful upscale meal at a great fast food price. Except for the auto repair shop decor everything else has changed for the better. The new Filling Station is really a fabulous small city bistro. Most people should come for the daily specials at lunch and dinner, which are imaginative, fresh and change every day. All breads and pastries are made daily and served throughout the day. And, the hamburgers are worth the trip, too! They just might be the best in town, but you decide. One disconnect: the filling station decor and new upscale menu selections do not compliment each other. I know there is a history with the building, but I believe the new owners will make their own history with this little secret on the north side of Wausau.

    Carry out available or dine in." - W.B. - 10/25/2008
    Ambiance=Good  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Good  OVERALL VALUE=Good

  • "Good Pecan Rolls but the rest is not terribly exciting. The prices are reasonable but there are much better places to get a sandwich in town." - A.F. - 09/24/2008
    Ambiance=Fair  Food=Fair  Price=Good  Service=Fair  OVERALL VALUE=Good

  • "Thought it was going to be great...but the menu was so confusing....Soup was great! I was also not happy with the children's selections. They could of course get a main entree...the usual...burger, chicken strips, etc...but it came with no side. It did come with a cookie or ice cream. I didn't think a "meat and a sweet" was much of a meal. It also came with a soft drink. I didn't find this to be somewhere I would go with children unless the menu changes to include applesauce or fruit wedges or something else. " - M.S. - 09/19/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Good  Price=Good  Service=Fair  OVERALL VALUE=Fair

  • "Great place to go for breakfast. You have to try the Homemade Pecan Rolls when they are hot from the oven - yum. Nice selection of reasonably priced breakfast items. I haven't tried them for lunch yet, but I am planning on it." - A.A. - 08/14/2008
    Ambiance=Good  Food=Good  Price=Great  Service=Good  OVERALL VALUE=Great

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