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Back When Cafe - Fine Dining - 606 N. 3rd St., Wausau

Customer Reviews  

  • "It was difficult to get my coffe refilled and the average food was not worth the price. I will probally never go there again" - R.S. - 12/30/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Fair  Price=Fair  Service=Fair  OVERALL VALUE=Poor

  • "Lucci's Back When Cafe is the signature restaurant that defines all that is good about living in Wausau. Back When is alone in the category of great food, great service, great atmosphere and great location." - W.B. - 10/25/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "One of Wausau's Best Places To Dine!! Food is excellent. Service is great! Love their lunch menu. Would love an online coupon!" - L.M. - 10/10/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "Always a favorite anytime of year. From dining outside on the patio in summer to sitting in front of the fireplace in winter. Always an amazing menu specializing in fresh, local ingredients. I usually order one of their fish entrees, and they've always been excellent." - B.T. - 09/16/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Good  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "The food is always fabulous at Back When. They have wonderful soups for a light lunch. The Strawberry Chicken Salad is the perfect lunch. It's nice, also, to sit near the fireplace in the winter." - M.S. - 09/06/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Good  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "Summer is the best time of year to visit Back When. We enjoy so much sitting in the outdoor dining on a beautiful evening. And second, they have a special menu using local foods from area farmers and markets. Don't go for the Friday fish fry - it is good but way over priced. Although the rest of the menu is extremely creative and tasty, it is worth the extra $$. " - L.S. - //
    Ambiance=NA  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

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