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2510 Restaurant - Family Dining - 2510 Stewart Ave., Wausau

Customer Reviews  

  • "I agree that the only real drawback to this one was in how stiwtghrforaard it was. Still, I enjoyed how it filled in so many pieces of information that we never got in the first two books. I also loved what happened in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books at the end and hope that the fourth book actually goes in that direction a bit!" - uUOHfTouPIMw - lwKGpSLgHXb/vLqTaPsJe6/TQ1jJUfP
    Ambiance=NA  Food=NA  Price=NA  Service=Poor  OVERALL VALUE=NA

  • "This is a highly overrated restaurant in Wausau. It is only okay food. Won't go back." - L.M. - 10/30/2008
    Ambiance=Fair  Food=Fair  Price=Fair  Service=Good  OVERALL VALUE=Fair

  • "I have long enjoyed 2510. The food has always been really good. Last night my husband and I went with my son and daughter-in-law. The French Onion Soup, which has always been the best I've ever tasted, was not the same and was served lukewarm. Canned soup would have been just as good. The jumbo shrimp, as my husband said, looked like someone sat on it. It was flat, dry and tasteless. Needless to say, we were really disappointed. I heard that a new owner has taken over. I wonder if that was the problem." - S.S. - 09/29/2008
    Ambiance=Good  Food=Fair  Price=Fair  Service=Good  OVERALL VALUE=Fair

  • "Over the 20+ years I've been going to 2510, it is probably the most consistent restaurant I've visited as far as always having great service and great food. The menu has great variety. The Ultimate Ultimate sandwich is hard to describe, it is so good, and is about $8 maybe. Always loved the crab stuffed shrimp. When friends from out of town went, my friend asked the waitress what her favorite dish was: Pablo Bianco. I had never noticed it on the menu, but it is the MOST wonderful dish, and now one of my favorites. Favorite memory: my purse handle fell into the lit candle, and no one noticed until it was smoking! " - L.S. - //
    Ambiance=NA  Food=Great  Price=Great  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

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