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Allister Deacons - Coffee Shop - 300 Third St., Wausau

Customer Reviews  

  • "I work in the same building and am a regular customer. I really love it there and the soups are great but my favorite is the hot chocolate!! It is the BEST!! I have even visited on my days off which is not as convenient as working in the office as I live 35 miles out of town and make the special stop anytime I am in town and they are open. The men who own the store make a note of the regulars and treat everybody special, I like that quality when I visit a place as much as I do. " - E.L. - 03/24/2009
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Great  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "A nice departure from Starbucks and their branded everything. The great location in downtown Wausau lets you step outside and window shop with your joe. If you decide to stay indoors, the quieter atmosphere welcomes you to sit down and take a deep breath and relax. Sometimes the coffee takes awhile to get, but it's worth the wait...Mr. Deacon makes it one cup at a time. Try the pastries and desserts, too. If you live on the east side of town you should really make a trip to Allister Deacons." - W.B. - 10/25/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Great  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "Love the coffee and soup here. Would highly recommend!" - L.M. - 10/11/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "Twice a week meeting place with friends. Starting with coffee/tea, sometimes ending with soup/roll or even with a piece of home made dessert. It feels good to be treated like you are their favorite customer. Highly recommended to everyone! " - I.L. - 09/25/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Great  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "(no comments submitted)" - J.B. - 09/24/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Great  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "I am a regular at Allister's. I and my group love the place. We love the home made soups!!!!!" - U.V. - 09/23/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Great  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "Great place to start the day with coffee and pastry. Even better to have a light lunch. Try the Tomato Basil Soup!" - M.S. - 09/06/2008
    Ambiance=Great  Food=Great  Price=Good  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

  • "I'm fortunate enough to work in the same building as Allister Deacons, so I go there often - even though I don't drink coffee! A good variety of teas, chai, etc. and a wonderful assortment of pastries, scones, and treats I try to not partake of very often. Recently they added soup and chili at lunch, and although most are very good, some aren't what I would order again. (Hopefully they will be expanding the lunch menu to include salads and sandwiches sometime soon.) The atmosphere is the best part, sitting on the couch visiting with friends or meeting there to network. " - L.S. - //
    Ambiance=NA  Food=Good  Price=Great  Service=Great  OVERALL VALUE=Great

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