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A FREE and Comprehensive "Eating Out" Directory

KnifeForkandSpoon was created to provide small city restaurants and their patrons a comprehensive onlline listing of dining establishments equivalent to those available to bigger cities. KFS provides simple and easy to navigate paths for finding a great place to eat...for a business lunchean, a family night out or just a romantic dinner for two.

From home, office or a cell phone, KFS is America's Neighborhood Dining Guide.

Ratings Details

KnifeForkandSpoon ratings begin with *** for food and ** for price value. This initial setting assumes that all restaurants serve good food at a good price.

As time passes ratings will be effected by
the ratings submitted by customers. Ratings will be valued fairly and without basis. Every attempt will be made to weed out owner/employee or advertising agency "inspired" comments. As a policy, restaurants will be notified if we have questions regarding the content and voice of a comment.
Restaurants have the option to choose blank ratings before reviews are determined by KFS staff and contributors.

Reviews can be challenged at any time by a restaurant but remains at the sole discretion of KFS to revise the rating as a result of additional comments.

Customer Submitted Ratings and Comments

ratings and comments are the expressed opinions of users of the KFS site. KFS provides the opportunity for users to share their opinions (ratings) and comments on the restaurants or listed establishments we list. They are are submitted on a voluntary basis. Customer ratings and comments are not the expressed opinions of ePangea Solutions LLC. ePangea Solutions LLC reserves the right to edit and delete submitted ratings and comments in violation of the terms of use.

KFS Staff Review Policy

Reviews are the expressed opinions of ePangea Solutions LLC management, staff and/or assigned at-large representatives. Every attempt is made to be fair and open minded. Reviews are posted for informational purposes only. Reviews can be contested by the restaurant or listed establishment, but revisions remain at the discretion of ePangea Solutions management and staff. Opposing reviews, if available, will be posted to the fairness of the restaurant or listed establishment.

One city. One web site. KnifeForkandSpoon. America's Neighborhood Dining Guide

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