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Americans are a nation of people who like to eat out. We have a huge and undeniable appetite for all things food; the smells, the flavors, the colors and the textures. We are "foodies," like it or not, preoccupied three times a day with what to eat and very often, where to eat. Each decision is made with great consideration to the type of food, the price and the location...plus, whatever everyone else is in the "mood" for.

Let's Eat Out!

KnifeForkandSpoon was created to help everyone find the perfect place to eat out. It seeks to connect the food zealots in all of us with small city "neighborhood" restaurants in a simple user-friendly and restaurant-friendly website. Most importantly, KnifeForkandSpoon was created for all the people who live and work in middle and small-sized cities across America. We are your guide to all the things you need to know and want to know about the great places to eat in your city.

We list every place to eat a city can serve up; yes, even the kitchen at a bowling alley makes the list. From hip and new, to established and family-owned, from fast food to culinary specialties, KnifeForkandSpoon provides both staff reviews, plus the day-to-day ratings and comments of patrons like you.

The possibilities are endless, really. The average small city of 85,000 may have over 150 "eateries." Most national website guides may list 25 of them at best. KnifeForkandSpoon fills the gap. 

So, where should we eat tonight? Let KnifeForkandSpoon help you find a great place to eat out. Bon appetite.

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